We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your computer. Regular maintenance reduces the probability of expensive PC repairs and boots the life of your PC or laptop.

  • Unusual pop-up muddling your browser?
  • Strange noises coming from the hardware?
  • Difficulty booting up or shutting down?
  • Running slowly and sluggish?
  • Computer is excessively hot to the touch?

What is our Annual Maintenance Scheme?

1. Quarterly check of viruses, malware or adware

We regularly check if your computer could have the slightest infection due to an adware, malware or virus attack. We perform a clean up if infections are found. We will preform a deep scan of your entire system quarterly. Hidden viruses, malware or Trojans files will not stand a chance.

4. Managed Antivirus and Security Software

Why pay extra for a first-class computer antivirus and security when our AMS comes with a premium anti-virus plan for all your devices.

2. Operating System Updates

We make sure that your computer or Mac is running on the latest operating system and force updates if necessary.

5. Check and Backup Data

Backing up your data has become crucial in present times. We will regularly check if your computer is being backed up. Our AMS scheme ensures that you will be able to retrieve all your data in case it gets lost to malware, ransomware or hard drive failures.

3. Optimise and Speed Up Computer

If your computer is struggling to boot up or power down, we will look into reasons for sluggishness. There could be a PUP (potentially unwanted program) or any other process (incomplete updates etc.)that’s taking up your computer’s resources.