Internet, LAN & WiFi Setup

Based on our experience, some internet service providers just provide the gear and expect the consumer or end-user to figure out the connections and set it up on their own. Setting up a new modem or internet connection needs some technical expertise – it’s never as simple as it appears on the instruction card.

Some carriers may send out internet professionals to set up and configure your internet connection at your home or office, but they frequently leave out details like reconnecting printers and security cameras, checking Wi-Fi coverage and speed, and so on, leaving you disappointed and annoyed.

Have you ever had a service provider’s support personnel hang up on you because they stated it wasn’t their fault and that the problem should be with your computer or laptop? – Yes, we’ve seen and heard everything! This is true in certain circumstances, believe it or not. Issues with software or hardware can significantly slow down how quickly a page loads on your computer or laptop. We can detect these problems and give you a lasting solution.

Things may get really difficult, especially if you have a business to operate or children to care for. All you need is someone who can grasp your requirements and get the work done quickly. This is where we can help! Our professionals can translate technical jargon and terminology used by internet service providers into plain, uncomplicated, and easy-to-understand English.