If you suspect your computer has a virus, please contact us right away. The faster a virus is removed, the less likely your data will be corrupted, stolen, or permanently erased. Online security is critical in an age when we conduct business, banking, and other sensitive transactions online. Malware and spyware can prevent you from accessing your data and money, as well as stealing your identity.

If your computer is exhibiting the following symptoms, it may be infected with a virus:

  • Starting up takes far too long.
  • Has a new desktop background
  • Web sites are not loading.
  • Strange, recurring pop-ups
  • The Windows taskbar¬†has vanished.
  • Redirection to unknown URLs due to insufficient disk space

We conduct extensive diagnostic testing to determine the severity of security danger. We then remove any spyware files and install anti-virus software to guarantee that your computer is safe and secure before returning it to you.